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No grooming bag could ever be without one of our dog grooming combs. Excellent for grooming right back to the skin and to finish off the grooming procedure.

We now have an assortment of different combs due to request and demand in the dog show market. I've tried and tested all the below in my grooming studio and all are pretty neat at doing their intended job.

We have different sizes of fine teeth and coarse teeth, some handled dog combs and some revolving dog grooming combs. Universal to all breeds and coat types.



16 cm metal finishing comb and general all round essential. For all coats with two different widths. For loosening coat up and styling. Item code: 2395

Wooden handled fine tooth dog grooming comb


Fine toothed comb with a metal handle, measuring 17 cm. Perfect for the areas that need a little more attention. Item code : 2390

Skip tooth handled dog grooming comb


Skip tooted plastic handled comb. Measures 22 cm overall. I used skip toothed blades in my studio weekly, and they are slightly more forgiving then the straight toothed combs. Item code: 23773

Revolving comb plastic in one



New in this month. A revolving toothed comb with no handle. Many groomers prefer a choice of utensils and this is one, its easy to use without a handle and covers more coat.

The movement of the teeth help guide you when looking for knots and can notify you with the slight movement without yanking your dog. Code 2411, 18 cm in size.

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