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standard biker set


Price £24.99

A complete kit to fasten your dog securely to your bike in a safe and constructive way! This set comprises of a distance keeper, short lead and an expanding lead, which then attach to your dogs collar or dog harness. This set is easy to attach to your cycle seat post and keeps them at a safe distance from you and the push bikes mechanisms, giving you both the chance to explore the country with ease. German made.  We love how you can adjust the height of the connecting strap for large or little dogs, so now even the jack russell can have fun with you on the country roads. Not recommended for strong pullers, but our old girl Kinley malamute who just plods at her own pace with little bursts loves hers, at 10 years + she still is keen to have a little half mile. We use our premier fleece harnesses with our dogs as they are safer then a 'racing harness', the connector point is further forward keeping your dog to the side where as a racing dog harness connecting at the tail is giving the dog too much distance in front, thus more likely to cut you up on the bike.

If you'd like something more robust for the stronger pulling dogs to try and exhaust and burn off that extra energy then our deluxe biker set would probably be far safer.


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