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Racing sled dogs has had huge publicity just recently on the TV and in numerous publications due to the huge success of the Siberian Husky Club of the UK's, racing weekend, January 2010 rally in Aviemore in Scotlands highlands.  Its the longest trail being around 4 miles on tough terrain and this year was the first year in 15 years where the trail was covered in snow, making it an amazing experience for the dogs to 'work' properly, fantastic for the mushers or handlers and certainly entertaining simply watching the dog teams fly by. 

Firstly, as you've possibly seen during the publicity that its great fun to be actively involved in dog events with a breed of dog that you are truly passionate about.  Having a dog breed doing the activities that it was originally bred to do so many years ago and do it so well is an overwhelming experience as you feel their happiness too, which is priceless.

But.... as with all hobbies and interests its involves alot of time, costings, training and travelling.

To compete in a sled dog rally competition, your Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Samoyed or Greenland dog MUST be KC (kennel club) registered.  We do not recommend breeding or buying from any Internet sites where they are advertising puppies available for sale, today.  ALL good quality puppies with KC registrations with a good temperament are only bred when the dog breeder has prospective owners on a waiting list  (please note if you want a good 'sled dog team' it helps if your dog can tolerate other dogs!!!) All Alaskan malamutes, Siberian huskies, Samoyeds and Greenland dogs MUST be socialised with regular contact with others dogs as soon as their vaccinations permit. A good quality breeder puts time and effort into this and has a waiting list to make sure you are clued up on the breed and that you suit the sled dogs needs. They aren't easy breeds due to their love of exercise, the great outdoors, vocal talents, love of digging, excessive dog hair moults etc etc.

So now you have your KC registered puppy after waiting a few months and proved you have the time, patience and energy and have taken puppy regularly to puppy training and is now a year old...

This is the best time for starting your training to 'run' your dog.  There are many different organisations that run sled dog rallys, the main ones are Siberian husky club of GB, BSHRA, AMWA (some links are on the links pages) These clubs have slightly different rules but are mainly the same ie equipment sizes/shapes or rules on the trail. The Sibe club has an excellent teach-in seminar where you can learn all the basics. The season of dog sled racing runs from October to March and you can run a rally just about every weekend during this period all over the county. If you can get to go see a rally this would be a fantastic chance to meet other like minded people who would be quite happy to help you learn and gain experience within the breed and sport.  As a beginner the only equipment you need is a good fitting harness and a bicycle for you to build up the dogs stamina and strength and put in your commands, and then to compete after you have all your new contacts you will need the racing gear!  We sell the sled dog racing rig which is the 3 wheeled gadget (compulsory competing machine!) in 3 different options and numerous colours.  We have the contacts for the other pieces of equipment you will need such as: a sled dog racing harness that has to fit exactly to your dogs build, ganglines that attach the dogs to the racing rig and that's it your ready to enter your first sled dog racing rally!  Its a great active fun sport that most sled dogs love, you can gain great friends and have a truly fun many years with your dog.  As long as you don't mind the cold, early starts and many hours of training, you can have so much fun!

So in brief you need: A KC registered sled dog who has been socialised well, is over a year old, an owner who is very active and is happy to go out training for miles every week, has joined all the relevant sled dog clubs, maybe attended a sled dog teach in seminar, have been to a rally to see whats involved and met some new friends and have bought a few bits of sled dog racing gear... or you can simply just enjoy the training and running on the rigs in your own time and not compete, the options are endless, but we will warn you, its very addictive and worth every second of the time and energy you put in to your dogs, which at the end of the day, are your very best friends and pets :)




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