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dog grooming rake brush


Price £4.25

The sled dog coat must have an owner who owns this brush! I could not live without this rake, and my carpets are definitely agreeing.  Rakes are the perfect tool for removing all the dead undercoat hair during the 'tufting' stage, removing the hair in one sweep and seeming to empty itself as you brush, unlike some that clog up in one sweep.  Top seller and will last you a lifetime. Note: this has non-revolving teeth so they are fixed into the whole brush.


Price £6.49


10 x 15 cm revolving teeth rake. The extra movement help dislodge any loose hairs and scurf.

  • with rounded teeth for gentle coat care

  • 1.5 cm teeth length

  • for special care of the base coat

  • plastic handle with non-slip rubber grip



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