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Original Biker Set

Deluxe Biker Set

So you want to run your dog with your bicycle? Biking with your dog can be great fun and an excellent form of exercise and letting your dog let off some steam, especially if its a pulling breed of dog or one that can't be let off the lead. Its very safe way of dog exercise, which may require a small amount of dog training depending on your dogs ability to learn.  A good fitting dog harness is essential to avoid any pulling on their neck and connecting to your bicycle safely.  Stronger breeds of dog will need the deluxe model as it is made of a very solid nature.  Such as the Siberian husky and the malamute.  Just attach your dog to the bicycle and away you go! Biking with your dog has never been so easy and so much fun!

Please note we are out of stock. 

Why not treat your furry friend.  Mackenzie our Alaskan Malamute is modelling above, hes a keen worker and yet sits patiently waiting for a good run, covering 4 miles easily. The bike attachment can be fixed on either side of your bicycle to give even muscle build up and tone.

The ideal gift for the active dog or for a family to use on their bike for optimum dog fitness!

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