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Dematting dog grooming tool






Fantastic product newly arriving on today's shelves. I have owned one of these in my own personal grooming box for over 8 years and still going strong with the pounding it gets from customer dogs. I find it very useful for removing some under coat on non matted coats also just to thin the excess out without the harsh lines from a pair of thinning scissors.  Matts close to the skin can be removed by gently teasing the tool behind the knot and pulling forwards towards your body, with care as to not injure your fingers or cause pain the dog.

Top tip: Do not over use as it can thin out the coat too much. Only use on the woolly lighter parts of the dog, i.e trousery bits around their rear end and under the tail, or feathering on front legs. Most dogs coat WILL change texture and colouring from slicing the top coat and guard hairs.

Designed for easy detangling and thinning, 5 cm teeth length, with serrated edges and thumb guard and plastic handle with non-slip rubber grip


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