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Dog Booties for all breeds

Neoprene protective boots - Being discontinued...

Neoprene dog paw boots booties for prevention of sore pads                 

Sizes (one pair)

  • neoprene

  • with artificial leather back and sole

  • support rapid healing of paw injuries

  • reduce the risk of infection

  • with Velcro

  • colour: black

*** Limited Stock we only have: Small (x1 box) Medium (x1 box) Large (x2 boxes) XL (x1 box) ***

S Westie, M Border Collie, L Golden Retriever, XL German Shepherd


Comfortable soft shell protective boots  (Being discontiued, limited stock)

dog booties

Sizes (one pair)

  • soft shell material

  • with genuine leather back and sole

  • padded with soft fleece

  • especially good fit due to an extra cuff

  • support rapid healing of paw injuries

  • reduce the risk of infection

  • with Velcro and reflective stripe

  • colour: black

A set of two booties that can be worn to prevent a sore paw getting any worse or for prevention against an injury.  Available in black and very versatile. Great to have spare in an emergency and to give you a bit more time to be able to get to your vet more comfortably. A sturdy invention available in many sizes to fit all paws.  Please order larger if you wish to use a bandage underneath. Made of durable nylon, lined with fleece with a suede leather sole with a reflective peel strip fastening.

S-SOLD OUT, M Border Collie x1 box, L Golden Retriever, (4 boxes left) (XL SOLD OUT) XXL Rottweiler, (2 boxes)  XXXL Newfie (3 boxes)


Tough plastic sole all terrain dog boots  (Limited stock)

Tough plastic dog boots for mountains

Sizes (one pair)

Plastic hardwearing mountain all terrain dog boots. Easy to slip on and use where the terrain is tricky. Sets of 2.

  • robust grip sole provides non-slip hold

  • breathable through mesh material

  • supports rapid healing of paw injury

  • reduces the risk of infection

  • comfortable to wear

  • long-lasting

  • with practical Velcro straps with reflective stripes

  • especially useful on stony ground, tarmac or hot sand

  • can be used inside as well: provides hold on slippery floors

  • protects against salt and grit in winter

  • colour: black

6 sizes: S-M Jack Russell to Cocker Spaniel SOLD OUT , M Border Collie to Beagle SOLD OUT, M-L Australian Shepherd to Dalmatian, L Labrador Retriever to Airedale, L-XL Golden Retriever to Setter and XL German Shepherd to Bernese Mountain Dog SOLD OUT

Comfy gripper dog socks  (Limited Stock)

Dog socks for dog paws Dog socks for paws


Sizes (one pair)

  • cotton with lycra

  • anti-slip soles provide firm grip on slippery floors

  • highly recommendable in cases of back and joint pain

  • especially suitable for older dogs

  • supports healing of injuries

  • protects floors and furniture from scratches

  • colour: grey  V

S-M Border Collie, M-L Golden Retriever, L-XL German Shepherd   (***Only M-L in stock)

Sturdy dog socks  SOLD OUT

  sled dog socks for paw protection





  • cotton with lycra/latex

  • front area with all-round robust anti-slip rubber coating for secure hold even if the socks should slip

  • especially suitable for older dogs

  • ideal paw protection

  • protect smaller wounds

  • protection for floors and furniture

  • colour: black

S-M Border Collie, M-L Golden Retriever, L-XL German Shepherd

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