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Thermal Polar Fleece jumper coat

thermal dog coat on cushings malamute outdoordog dog coat polar fleece full chest coverage

Kinley our 11.5 year old Malamute with Canine Cushings Disease is here modelling our new thermal fleece coat. In fact she's quite bald now with coat funk / Alopecia X

Inspired by outdoor pursuits clothing for people, these coats are thin and lightweight but offer tremendous thermal protection on cold days.
The coats are very low profile to allow them to be worn under other coats to give an extra "layer" of protection.
Velcro spine fastening, elasticated full chest coverage and leg straps.

Black/burgundy is now discontinued and replaced with a lovely vibrant red. Available in Medium - Extra Large.

Medium- 40 cm Westie/Cavalier King Charles. £14.99

Large- 50 cm Springer, Beagle. £15.99

X Large- 60 cm. Weimaraner, Setter. (Kinley the malamute is wearing the XL and its a snug fit for optimum warmth. £17.99)


Christmas Dog Jumper with Rudolph reindeer in red with bobble AND matching Human jumpers too!

matching dog and human christmas jumpers reindeer Christmas matching human to dog jumper
Christmas jumper matching wool with dog coat Christmas jumper wool matches dog rudolph bobble
Red wool rudolph reindeer dog coat jumper matches human  

Red knitted human jumper in size XS-L

XSmall £18.99 Awaiting new stock

Small £22.99 Awaiting new stock

Medium measures: 22" across front. One left in stock:  £23.99

Large £24.99 Awaiting new stock

Red knitted dog jumper in size 16-22 inch back

16" £16.99 Awaiting new stock

18" £17.99 Awaiting new stock

20" £18.99Awaiting new stock

22 " £18.99  One left in stock

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