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Fun dog back pack - Black with silver bones



Easy to put on and for light weight trekking. Fits a doggie bowl and treats easily.

I have tested the capacity of these panniers and they are a great size and easily fit 4 bottles of 500 ml water with room, however due to the fabric and construction, Its not up to a over night hike etc, and would say no more than 1.5 kg per side = a 3 kg fun walk day dog pack or great training pack.

dog back pack panniers canine back pack


  • nylon

  • perfect fit

  • comfortable to wear due to padded contact surfaces and protective straps

  • fully adjustable chest and stomach straps

  • 2 zipped pockets and net pocket

  • 28 × 18 cm each bag.  65–110 cm adjustable stomach straps.

  • Imported from Germany

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