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Head collars and face leaders for dogs that pull

gentle face leader


Excellent for those dogs who are extremely eager on the lead. When used correctly it can discourage pulling on the lead and stop it all together. Using a normal lead with hook attachment, you simply fasten to the hoop underneath the chin and away you go. The nose section simply loosens on a slacker lead.  Very similar to the well known Halti head collar. Made of strong nylon in black, sizes small to extra large.   Below is a rough guide to head length:

1 S - 22cm, Neck strap - 35-42cm £6.20 (Border Collie)

2 M - 27cm, Neck strap - 40-48cm £6.99 (Small malamute, Husky)

3 L - 31cm, Neck strap - 50-57cm £7.99 (Labrador, Malamute)

4 L-XL 37cm, Neck strap 48-60cm £7.99

5 XL-  46cm, Neck strap 54-66cm £8.99 (Gt Dane)


gentle face leader





Canny Collar
The Canny Collar is a simple dog training collar designed to stop pulling on the lead and make walking your dog a pleasure. Comfortable, kind, safe and effective, its revolutionary 'behind-the-head' design makes it easy to fit and simple to use, transforming even the worst pullers into happy, well-behaved pets. No wonder the UK Pet Product Retail Association voted it 'Best New Product' shortly after it was launched.

If you're looking for an easy solution to your dog pulling problems, look no further than the Canny Collar. You'll be in good company. Since the Canny Collar was launched, more than half a million dog owners worldwide have discovered the simple pleasure of walking their dogs on a loose lead. Join them today and make walking your dog easy!

* Unique Behind the head control
* Does not ride into the eyes or pull the head to one side
* Kind, Safe, Comfortable and Easy to Fit
* Lifetime Guarantee!


Size 1 - 23cm – 28cm (9” – 11”) - Breed example: King Charles Spaniel

Size 2 - 28cm – 33cm (11” – 13”) - Breed Example - Terrier – Jack Russell, Westie etc

Size 3 - 33cm – 38cm (13” – 15”) - Breed Example - Border Collie, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Small Doberman & Small Staffie

Size 4 - 38cm – 43cm (15” – 17”) - Breed Examples - Bearded Collie, Large Border Collie, Small Ret/Labrador, Small German Shepherd, Small Boxer, Dalmatian, Large Doberman & Large Staffie.

Size 5 - 43cm – 48cm (17” – 19”) - Breed Examples - Small Akita, Large Boxer, Small Bullmastiff, Large German Shepherd, Large Golden Retriever, Malamute & Small Rottweiler.

Size 6 - 48cm – 53cm (19” - 21”) - Breed Examples - Large Akita, Large Bullmastiff, Small Great Dane, Large Rottweiler.

Size 7 - 53cm – 58cm (21” – 23”) - Breed Examples - Large Great Dane, Large Mastiff.


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