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Quality dog grooming brushes and coat care management essentials:

We have a handful of excellent grooming products available to purchase.  All tested and regularly used in our own newly built grooming studio.  Used on all breeds and coat types we love these products and will only sell items that work well and do the job they are aimed at.

large plastic slicker dog brush

Plastic Slicker Brush

Small dog grooming slicker brush

Wooden Slicker Brush

medium dog grooming slicker brush

Large Wooden Slicker

Matt slicing dog grooming comb

Dematter- Matt Slicer

single line rake dog brush

Undercoat Removing Rake

revolving tooth rake dog brush

Revolving Teeth Rake

dog comb two sets of teeth size

Standard Metal Comb

Fine tooth handled dog grooming comb

Fine Comb (with handle)

skip tooth dog grooming comb with handle

Skip Tooth (handled comb)

Revolving tooth dog grooming comb

Revolving Teeth wide comb

animology dog grooming range

Animology excellence range

bright and white dog shampoo large 5 litre

Wahl dog shampoo bulk


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