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Kyjen 2502 2015 edition dog back pack

dog back pack panniers dog pack panniers

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Product Description

Outward Hound Backpacks by Kyjen feature roomy saddlebag compartments, mesh pockets, durable zippers, and a harness that easily adjusts to the perfect fit. Reflective accents increase visibility in wild places; and, interior pockets and an elastic water bottle holder allow dogs to carry essentials on hikes and camping excursions. Made with sturdy, super-tough nylon material, this pack makes it easier to gear up and go together.  Product Dimensions: 12 x 20 x 17 inches. Our capacity test is 2 kg sandbag with 2x 500 ml water bottles and 1 450 g water bladder = 3.450 kg per pannier. Roughly a 6 kg total dog pack.

Removeable pack takes weight off dog whilst at reat, and allows easy access to contents

Reflective accents and bright colours for increased visability

Large pockets feature wide openings and zipper closures to carry food and water.

Pack includes interior mesh pockets and elastic water bottle holder.

Whether hiking on a trail or just strolling around town, the best way to enjoy the outdoors is with your best friend by your side. And with our new Outward Hound backpacks, canine companions can finally carry their own weight. Designed with doggie comfort in mind, these packs feature bright colors for increased visibility, large pockets for food and water storage, and an elastic water bottle holder. You can even stow your own personal items in this pup pack. We're making it easy for you and your dog to get out and go together.

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Outward Hound by Kyjen

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