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Our fantastic new dog lead range for June 2014!!

roll leather short handled soft dog lead Long handled leather roll lead for dog

Roll leather short handled lead

Roll leather long handled lead

basic nylon clasp dog lead Flexi 8 metre cord comfort compact long retractable dog lead 8 m

Nylon clasp basic leads

Flexi comfort long cord 8m 2126

Flexi giant professional retractable dog lead 10 metre tape Flexi comfort compact tape 5 metre tape dog retractable lead

Flexi professional 10m tape 2140

Flexi comfort compact tape 5m 2120

checkered horse style funky dog lead on the trek world map adjustable dog lead

Checkered funky horse style lead

On trek world map lead

lime green funky spots adjustable dog lead Julius k9 converter seat belt attaching harness gadget

Freshline funky spots lead

Seatbelt convertor lead

black rope dog training lead rock climbing mountain rope dog lead

Black rope training lead

Rock climbing mountain rope lead

high visability dog lead reflective orange  

Reflective high visability lead




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