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June 2017... This page has now moved to our new site www.iceclimb.co.uk  Where you will find all our adventures from now on.

UK kennel club registered Alaskan Malamute puppy puppies North Lincolnshire for sale sled dog

Please note: Their eyes will be re-tested if Alpine's season does not start in time.  All puppies documents will have endorsements on non-breeding.  They come with a puppy pack including free insurance, guidance and a life time of support. No experience in sled dogs will not be entertained. A full year minimum of obedience or dog show/socialisation training must be adherded to.


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September 2017 - We should hopefully have some puppies here. Puppy list is full but anyone who already has experince owning a malamute ideally having one at home already, who enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, is more than welcome to come met my pack.  No first time owners please.   You must be aware that your puppy will not be able to be bred from unless formal agreement is in place and commit to a full year minimum or obedience or dog show training socialisation.  Friends with malamutes already will get one placed in their bag on leaving our home. ;)

March 2017 - Back to Sweden for another epic trip. Nearly 6 weeks up North.  Alpine has fun on both teams, but her main job was to help Mackenzie succeed on a distant over nighter.  They loved it and Kenzie gains his WTDA* pending confirmation.  Denali goes on a friends Greenland dog team of who he has never met and gains 2 legs of a Lead dog title. He's only one short now!

November 2016 - Alpine and Mackenzie have their hips scored.  Fantastic results. Alpine's are 3:4 and Mackenzie's 3:2

July 2016 - Kenzie and Alpine have their eyes tested. Both are clear and healthy.

March 2016 - We nailed it! 4 Countries, 5800 solo driving miles to the top of Arctic Sweden for 3 whole weeks of exploring. Van camping for all but 4 nights, I had a ball with my 3 dogs and borrowed 2 from the Sledog kennels, good friends Nicola and Stuart. -23 was the coldest night. Sledding everyday in up to waist deep snow. Little Rain completes her WLD and WTD that's working lead dog and working team dog titles and my Denali gains his Advanced  'Sledog Dream Seeker to Iceclimb WTD WPD AWPD'B' WTDA'* and so does little Alpine 'Sledog Indian Ocean to Iceclimb WTD WTDA*' She worked fantastic as a team dog and looks to have great potentional for weight pull. Over 120 miles Alpine and Denali worked for in pur raw Arctic conditions.  She is only one leg off her working pack dog for British and American titles. Then we can do some serious stuff on the hills!! multi night fun.

October 2015 - Alpine and Denali have a back packing trek together along the Horkstow tops. Alpine's first ever 30% pack and she took to it like a duck to water! Yes I'm so pleased! The full 10 miles. That's her first leg of the UK bronze title and first leg of the American Working Pack Dog. This is Denali's last leg of 4, subject to confirmation he is now 'Sledog Dream Seeker to Iceclimb WTD WPD AWPD'B'  The following week Mackenzie finishes his last set of 4 of 10 miles. Subject to confirmation, he is now 'RBPISS Sledog Forest Mist WTD WLD WWPD WPD AWPD'B'  Super proud doesn't come close. They are naturals, I just go along for the fun.  The boys are now ready for over night wild camping trips on the mountains so we need volunteers as our witness if anyone into the hills is game?

September 2015 - We're out meeting and greating making friends at the Tour of Britain wild camping on Hartside and then another night in the Peaks.  Morning walks over the hills tiring the dogs out meant I could then play on my bike in the afternoon wathcing the pro cycling.  Kenzie does a 3rd set of 10 miles around local villages in a 30% back pack and Denali does 10 miles at 30% the following week. My poor postie legs!

July 2015 - All our modifications all work after a little tweaking and a few emergency phone calls in France to my brother the V.W expert and pro at anything van wise.  Just the single bed to finish this weekend ready for next months TOB, Tour of Britain.  I will have 3 wild camping nights with all 4 dogs.  Kinley had an abcess on her side pop up but she's all back eating and toileting fine now so I'm sure she will love this mini break. I hope to meet and greet new friends as I travel, I really can't shut up when travels concerned and meeting like-minded folk really does make the trip.  After this trip then its time to put my road bike away till April, have a huge clear out of all cycling stuff we don't need and stick it on Ebay! Luckily all my over time at Royal Mail has come in and they let me have the three weeks off work without hesitation in March 2016 so I can take 5 dogs to Abisko (150 miles North of the Swedish Arctic Circle)  It means driving for 4 days realistically each way and driving through France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and then the full height of Sweden. I'm unphased by this as the road trip is the fun as well, even though I'm a single female. I'll take anything on. Here I will attempt some more serious dog sledding in remote areas as work on some more legs on the dogs American titles.  My GPS records everything we do so there's no corners cut.  We will be the only dog team there, and so Lead dog certification will be achieveable. I have been back regulary to ring craft after the committee all changed, where we have been welcomed back in with open arms. Alpine and Mackenzie adore this night now and love socialising with the other dogs there. Our dog back packs are back out and ready to rock and roll.  I love being alone lost in nature just with my best friends and are already half way through the Alaskan Malamute Working Association (UK) back packing Bronze scheme. We've had too many hick up's this year and its now all behind us. Following dreams is what we do best, dreaming, planning and then achieving.  It's too easy to get sucked into others mis-channelled energy and patterns of unclarity.

June 2015 - Soo exciting! I need to keep costs down to travel more so I'm keeping my Scudo van for a little longer. I've sat and designed exactly what modifications need to be done so that all the dogs can travel safely with plenty of ventilation, whilst still have a comfortable bed and accessories for me too. We are running behind schedule as I will be driving to France to see the Tour de France 2015 next Wednesday, driving from North Lincolnshire down past Geneva to Alp d'Huez to Monaco. Wild camp for a few days and then drive into Paris for the night and then home. I was hoping for an epic 2 week tour taking in a week in the Pyrenees, and around 2000 miles, but my old girl picked up a nasty stomach bug 6 weeks ago. Even though she has made a full recovery I still feel I cannot leave her for as long as this so a short break with my 3 youngest will be just perfect and I can always set off home early if need be.  Modifications so far: all dog boxes ripped out and replaced with pine wood with big solid mesh giving 50% more air movement with the doors open. Fitting of a 12V leisure battery with 500 Amp inverter. Dog fan fitted to roof (12V) which sucks and blows with button fitted in dash, this fan sounds like an aeroplane taking off, so maybe will have to always wild camp! Remove able top dog box door with clip in hygiene fabric, strong ply structure that all fits onto a metal frame, giving me a top bunk bed.  This system means I can either travel with all 4 dogs securely or have 3 dogs and a bunk. I normally only van camp with 3, or simply just take my tent or sleep van width. (Always a way) We have a lovely new Blue tooth radio so I can answer calls and play great tracks through my IPod all fitted. A little ply table built around the stereo for 2 IPhone and the IPod with drinks holder. I've made some Union Jack curtains for behind the seats, fitted new blue and black seat covers and sewn Union Jacks on top. We have some fancy dark grey lino going into all dog boxes and my area, and the finishing touches of Union Jack cushions and Union Jack vet bed for the dogs! We will certainly look like we are supporting all Britsh riders with style! My van engine has had a full service and engine flush, so she's running beautifully.  MacKenzie, Denali and Alpine have all been bathed and groomed to Cruft's standard to make sure they are immaculate for travel. I do this for many reasons: Firstly if you can see their skin through their thick coats, you will be able to check everyday with a comb for any ticks or foriegn bodies. You can remove all the hair they don't need, I go to the heat and then park in the cold on each day so they need to be able to cope. Less hair and smells in our close quarters and THEY feel great, prancing around new towns representing British well socialised Malamutes. I have fitted their Scalibor collars one week in advance to get into their system onto thier clean bodies.  These collars are recommened for Southern travel to France and Spain, as they proect against Ticks, Sandflies and Mosquitoes.  All these horrible insects carry deadly deasies, so for the sake of £15 each I KNOW my dogs have protection as far as I can against them.  They will be used with Frontline for flea prevention and obviously wormed within Pet passport regulations for re-entry into the U.K.

April & May 2015 - What a great month to be back on the road bike. We are all ready to take on some fantastic adventures over the next 12 months.  We have been lucky enough to have some investments pay off so we can now carry on helping Kinley with all her medicines and still have enough energy to take her and my other 3 amazing dogs all over Europe. Sweden early next year and France is booked for some ice cold mountain tops this July, with the van being all modified in May to be a better ventilated camper conversion, with fixed double bed, storage and stronger with more mesh and a secure way of leaving the doors open. My friends Jonathan and Mark are pro's in this so I will leave the design to them!  The Tour de Yorkshire was a huge success. A wild camp in Dolby was lovely with all the dogs have their daily exercise in the quiet cool forest before the Tour came through.  I then saw the finish also and had the pleasure of meeting Christian Prudhomme (Tour de France Director) and a photographer of Team Sky who I met in France last year on Tourmalet. He later posted my photo on the Team Sky website of only 20 uploaded. Being female in this sport really does have its benefits! You're never short of decent knowledgeable conversation! Saturday day 2 of the TdY I met Pia de Quint (Velosure Starley Primal) a professional women cyclist, who was watching her boyfriend race and could barely watch the big screen. She had been in the bunch finish herself and so she knows all about the pressures up front.  Little Alpine has come into season so we have to be careful on walks and exercise for a few weeks oh and really could do with some ear plugs!! The boys are really frustrated poor things.   Alpine is now Pet Passported ready for foreign travel :)

March 2015 - Is pretty much written off due to an accident at work. A German Shepherd has been hanging off my right arm & elbow and so I have been fully dependent on friends and family to assist me in the home and with the dogs.  Luckily the X-ray showed no apparent break, only extreme swelling and nasty puncture wounds. I will never take my right arm for granted EVER again!  At the end of the month we have had the back packs out and been doing some flat ten milers with Mackenzie and Denali, they have been carrying 20% of their body weight and ready for some wild camping of 30% body weight in early April.  These hopefully will continue on with their Packing Advanced titles of which ties nicely in with me taking up novices on the hills as part of my Mountain Leader work.  My cliental haven't wild camped before and so this is a great way for me to practice my teaching skills and have some fun with the dogs bagging some summits enroute!

February 2005 - Time to be spontaneous again, pack the van with all 4 dogs and shoot up to North Allerton for the weekend straight after work. What a lovely place with so many walks over the Moors. We will definitely be back after all the dogs were shattered from hiking. There was plenty of snow still around for them to roll in!  On the 22 nd I drive down to Derby to finally sit my rules and regulations exam in judging, I pass with 98%. Thanks to the Bernese Mountain Club for providing this seminar and refreshments.  I'm still cycling the hills of the UK and pull off a quick blast up Lincoln cobbles streets. I tackle 'Steep Hill' and nail it in one go, getting Queen of the mountain on Strava! Get in.

January 2015 - We travel up to Aviemore in the Highlands for a week of hiking with the dogs over the beautiful hills in the snow. All 4 dogs wanted to go, so after making Kinley's box into a duvet box (4 winter ones!) all wrapped around into an igloo she was as warm as toast and all comfy for the full week. The other 3 had a ball playing in the snow on a mixture of trails and terrain suited towards each age and needs.  We have been invited by the committee of Chesterfield & Pinxton kennel association to judge Malamutes and Greenland dogs on the 14th of June, which is very exciting!

December 2014 - The temps are so cool, the dogs are out in harness every other day. Little Alpine has tried her harness on and loves it! Small steps for this little youngster as she's only just over a year old and is a little thing, so she will be trained up slower than the rest at her pace.  We have loops of around 4.5 miles within 4 miles of our home and fully utilise our rural village life as much as we can.

November 2014 - The Kick bike dog scooter has been all maintained ready for our evening and early morning dog training, and I get a lovely tour of London on my road bike after cycling through the night from London Centre to South End, organised by some great cyclists, there were at least 100 of us riding in the cold night and moon light of nearly 70 miles. A very cold but unique experience. The Rapha cafe is a must for any roadies reading this!! I pull off some cheap Kasabian tickets for Nottingham too, couldn't miss that one either. They were amazing despite only being offered them 4 hours before they walk on stage...

October 2014 - We end October with a fabulous weekend in the Lake District. As soon as we get there its all 4 malamutes walked around the beautiful Keswick and then off on my road bike. Whinlatter pass (cat 3), Newlands pass (cat 3) and then Honister (cat 4) 30 miles on quiet dry roads. Heaven! After a restful night at Keswick YHA, I spend Sunday at the new Ice climbing wall in Keswick. Its so nice to sit for hours chatting to like minded people about climbing and world travel, numerous coffees later and after signing up for some courses next year, I'm now signed off to use the ice wall competently and with equally knowledgeable buddies. Here's my new friends:  http://www.kingkongclimbingcentre.co.uk/ice-wall/  Sunday afternoon we walk for hours around Thirlemere reservoir letting the dogs run in and out of the water after a good hike in the trees at low level.

ice climbing indoor at keswick wall cumbria king kong centre  ice climbing indoor at king kong wall cumbria keswick

We have been working far too hard successfully helping ease a friends situation and become distracted from what we do best so I have to do these mad trips which is great for the mind and soul! We love these spontaneous (and cheap!) trips away. The new hobby of the month is an invite to Dolby Forest to try off road MTB which I have jumped at the chance.  The next holiday plans are underway for a New Years Eve celebration on top of Scafell and then a cool holiday in January snow boarding, Ice climbing, Winter hiking and sled dogging up in Aviemore. Bring it on........ 'Normal' certainly will never be us, we have a pretty cool life up here in North Lincs and love sharing it!...... I'm already getting excited about hopefully trading our van in for a much wanted VW Transporter next year, which will be even better for our two week Tour de France chasing French holiday and we are also planning another charity event of  cycling Stage 2 of this years Tour de France (ouch) or a Hull to King Lynn cycle ride in May 2015 for Cancer Research and scaling Mt Blanc, the highest mountain (4810 m / 15,780 ft) in Europe by ice axe and crampons

Lake District wild Autumn camp one girl one dog one tent Buttermere multi pitch rock climb Stanage edge out door rock climbing

Me & Kenzie wild camping Lake District                     Multi pitch rock! Lake District                Stanage Edge Autumn outside rock climbing

September 2014 - Wayhey! More cycling. The Tour of Britain gets underway and you guessed it! Bring on the Tour chasing with the dogs in tow and a bit of van-camping we head down South driving through the night (France style!) Mikey is as bonkers as myself so I'm pretty sure he wasn't bothered about the long journey with our bikes and dogs in the van with little sleep! Whilst in the Exeter area we cycle up the Haytor Moor hill climb the pro's cycle an hour later, then cycle Cheddar Gorge from the hills book. This climb is amazing with all the rock climbers around us at the same time. All 3 dogs get plenty of walks exploring new Counties. We then drive through the night to Hemel Hempstead for another cycle then watch the Stage 6 sprint finish - which was a first for me. I managed to get some great pictures of the pro cyclists as they peddled slowly past at the very end! We visit the new Cycling themed cafe in Beverley in East Yorkshire http://cafevelobeverley.co.uk/on our bikes and end up using Mikey's charm to bag us some tickets to their meal & movie night of the accidental death of the cyclist Marco Pantani, and then book tickets for next weeks film night of Eddy Merckx Sunday in Hell. Its so nice to have new like minded friends who trusted us to pay for everything the next day and of which we have lots to talk about! We hopefully will be dropping in on many future occasions. The month is finished off with a quick trip down to the NEC for the Cycle show, where I am lucky enough to meet Jens Voigt (and get a piccie & autograph) who last week broke the hour record of track cycling on a velodrome in Switzerland. What a legend!!

August 2014 - At last a quiet month! Kenzie has a lovely long hiking day out just with me walking over the Peak District's Kinder Scout summit. I haven't ever walked in this area before and really look forward to more exploring here. Little Alpine gets her day with just mum on a hike along Flamborough head, its relatively flat over the beautiful cliff tops so we spent the whole afternoon walking in the sea breeze till dusk.  I'm still working on the 100 hills of the UK book whilst looking forward to watching the Grand Spanish Tour 'Vuelta' on TV.

July 2014 - This has got to be the busiest and craziest months for a long time! The Tour is starting in Yorkshire and there is no way on Earth I will be missing it. Just before all the action kicks off I decide to quickly reccy 2 of the second days climbs: Holme Moss and Jenkin Road with my best friend Mikey, which was a little mad seems the latter was started around midnight, but least we had this major steep road relatively traffic free. The night before the Grand Depart we headed to Grinton Moor the last climb the tour would be doing on day one, the memories came flooding back from when I did this hill for charity.  Camping at Reeth with the dogs in tow and being full of excitement for my Birthday and the Tour, I can say this was the weekend that has made this year (so far until I get back on those hills!) The Sunday morning I steward at East of England Champ show for my friend Jill, then quickly shot off up the M1 to Jenkin Road, Sheffield to watch the lads again on Stage 2. Fantastic and action packed Birthday going up and down hills on my much loved Pro carbon road bike.  The month then ended up even crazier when I decided I wanted to drive to the South of France on my own to watch the mountain stages of the Tour. 4 pm I booked the ferry for a midnight crossing. My van was covered in red spots in support of the 'king of the mountains' jersey, full of supplies to last over a week, two of my dogs (Mackenzie & Denali) and my road bike. 16 hours of driving later we arrived in the Pyrenees to cycle over Col Du Tourmalet (6939 ft) and Col De Peyresourde (5148 ft). Two days of the trip were spent with old friends Mikey and Ash who were already down there, half a dozen Belgians who were drinking for England and highly amusing, plus new friends Susan and Tim who were kind enough to watch the dogs for me making sure they never got too much sun or heat. I have kitted out my van so that all the doors are open yet locked also, with battery operated fans, but I was extremely grateful to Susan for offering to give me this peace of mind.  This certainly was a great little trip of over 2000 solo miles and I'm sure there will be many more European road trips for the future. Taking the dogs abroad on my own was a first and certainly worth the hassles of vets trips etc, especially watching them run along the beach, in and out of the sea as the sun sets on the horizon, knowing we have the whole place to ourselves for the night!

June 2014 - Denali's certificate for his WPD arrives from America - one camp out and 30 miles of hiking, here's to working towards his Advanced title when the weather cools. Our Le Tour stage one in a day final total is £461!! The cheque has been posted off to help the rescue Ireland malamutes, I'm sure they will make good use of it. We attempt a nice little cycle sportive on home turf of 61 miles. This is the first time a sportive has taken in the iconic Humber Bridge and so I had to give it ago seems I love to cycle over it. All in aid of 'Cash 4 Kids' helping local children. I complete all 61 miles in 4:45 which is under my expected 5 hours and to make the day even better at the end I bump into 2 of my sled dog friends from Pontefract, Malcolm and Jenny, after noticing their malamute pictured van in the car park. Next time we are all in Aviemore, Scotland there will now be road bikes stuffed into our vans as well as all the snow/sled kit. Great stuff, new Scottish roads can be discovered.

May 27 th 2014 - Boston & District Canine Society evening open show at Newark show ground. Little Alpine is entered into Junior Malamute class, and comes 3rd in a tough class and then takes Best Puppy in breed. The little cutie refused to stand still in the challenge as she found the evening a little rushed as I had been at work in the rain all day and raced home to get them ready for the show, which sometimes just doesn't have the same effect as a good long run or play in the garden!

May 18 th 2014 - The biggest challenge of my life completed in just under 12 hours. Total length of our Le Tour Challenge was 131 miles due to off route water collection, tea and toilet stops. The official route of the tour of stage one is 118 miles for the race, as its the Grand Depart they will do a tour of Harewood House, Leeds,  making the days cycling 121 miles total. We had to deviate as this is private land and improvise around the sides. The hottest day of the year with the sun directly on me, and I tackled 3 massive hills, 4,430 ft of elevation gain, average speed of 10.4 mph, maximum speed of 31.8 mph. We passed over 'Kidstones', 'Buttertubs' and 'Grinton Moor' all starting from Leeds railway station at 7am. We slowly peddled back in to Harrogate at 10.45 pm ready for the 11.05 pm train back to Leeds. This day has been amazing, with the best cycling buddy on the planet to help me all the way.  I think we have raised over £420 for the rescue malamutes which I am sure will be of great use to them. Cycling this route was not only the longest mileage I have ever covered (we had a little party when the GPS stated '100' miles!!) it was also a dream to complete a full stage of the Tour De France and feel the pain of what these athletes endure. I have no idea how they do this for 3 weeks and in half the time! Somehow after arriving back home for 1.30 am and only 4 hours sleep I went back straight to work. No aches or pains or sun stroke, just tiredness and slept in between jobs for 2 days. I'm so happy that the training plan I devised 3 weeks prior worked and I certainly will stick with it. Slow and steady with plenty of fluids, eat nutritionally balanced food and ample gels/energy substance. Even having a nasty virus and spending 4 days in bed the week before didn't stop me!  To sum the day up I thoroughly enjoyed the trip as difficult as it was, it seemed to go on forever, the last 20 miles felt like 80. The hills were so much fun to ride down, we saved a lamb off the road and put him back in his field, moved a baby bunny off the road, found £20, took the hair pin bends a little too fast, laughed, nearly cried, spat my dummy out only once, were a bit ill at half time, ate over 20 iso gel packets, drank 10.5 litres of water (!) and ended up as high as a kite from some crazy energy jelly's, which should be on the band substances list. I never do the same challenge twice, so whats next?

May 2014 - What a great start to the month. We attend obedience every Thursday night for Denali and Alpine, and when we arrive this week on the 1st they are planning our test. But we have a problem, the first class is puppy obedience which we have already done and the second slot is Bronze/Silver award. So we decide to re-sit puppy's test and put Denali in for his Silver as I attend all dog events as the only handler/trainer and this way I won't end up with 2 dogs going for silver at the same time, should Denali pass. After Alpine had a lovely hour of re-sitting and passed again (!) I decided to take a gamble, put BOTH dogs in and see if a volunteer would try with Alpine in the same class, even though she didn't know any of the 9 older dogs there or the handler. Wow! How delighted to see my little girl across the room doing all the tasks asked without even acknowledging Denali and I watching. Denali did not batter an eyelid either which is amazing seems they are inseparable at home. Alpine passes Bronze KC Award and Denali passes Silver KC Award in obedience. I'm speechless as I never thought we could gain so much from such young dogs and ever possess a 'Silver' rosette!!  Last week we visited the Alaskan Malamute rescue kennels in Doncaster to bath the 3 neglected ones handed over from Ireland out of 41 dogs. I cried as I scrubbed the poor little faeces covered and urine stained emotionless 18 month old girl called Blanca. She is the size of a 4 month old puppy with a horrific fear of humans and dogs. Her bowels give at any moment due to not being able to cope.  I bathed her twice and then thoroughly brushed Angel the other female. This days events made me think of a money making challenge to help them fit back into normal life and mend the poor things.  On May 18th Myself and friend Mikey will be cycling the whole route of Stage one in Yorkshire of the Tour De France route.  Its downloaded in gpx. file on map my ride and now on my Garmin Montana 650 ready to use. 126 miles in one day

Whilst at the Malamute open show in Leicester on the 3rd we take £55 in sponsorship for this challenge, whilst Alpine places VHC in Minor Puppy Bitch then 3rd in special rescue stakes Junior class, Mackenzie takes Reserve in special working certified dog from a large class of dogs who have working titles. Alpine's litter sister Rain takes second in minor puppy and second in the stakes, looking so settled and happy on her first show, they really are little twins.

April 2014 - I finally get round to changing the kids names over. Denali and Alpine first. We now have "Sledog Dream Seeker to Iceclimb" and "Sledog Indian Ocean to Iceclimb" We have a small technicality with Kinley's name. She has been very poorly since our trip in the Lakes. Barely eating and numerous trips to the vets. I have enrolled her at what I can only call the best vets in the Country, 'Swanbridge' in Swanland. They are amazing. Blood tests instantly taken and results in hand within 15 mins. All reveal an extremely healthy internal dog. This was enough for me to fight for her. Sleeping with her for two weeks, monitoring during the night, hand feeding cooked meat and 3 weeks off work, have brought her back to being herself again, like nothing had ever happened.

Alpine passes her Foundation award in Obedience. Mackenzie wins the Open class at Scunthorpe Canine Association match night. I attend a day of learning on the 2nd, Canine Physiotherapy seminar. Only basic stuff but has helped me with Kinley's treatment. Ten mins a day has got her from a walk to the end of the street and back to a whole 2 miles this week. I intend to keep up with the exercises on all my dogs to strengthen and improve mobility.

Alpine has her first dog show over the Easter Holidays. In the Junior class of Malamutes, she is up against some much older dogs and comes a respectable 3rd. She let the judge go all over her and moved lovely after an hour of walking the show grounds to find her feet. There's a lot of unfamiliar noises in the agricultural buildings and it is very easy to scare a young dog, so I played it by ear and gave her lots of praise introducing her to different people and buildings.  Mackenzie is entered in the Open class and comes 2nd, which I take my hat off as the dog in front is a very nice well known competing working dog. Alpine: 21/04/14- North Lincs Dog Club Open show. We enter today hoping its an inside show. Little Alpine hasn't shown inside and I'm sure it will be maybe too daunting. It's packed full in just 2 halls so we decide to just use the day for socialisation and see how she feels. In AVNSC Working Junior 1st (no puppy class) She wins over 2 other Malamute puppies older than her.  We showed on a loose lead and didn't stack her, she free stood well and didn't need to hold her tail as it wagged! Then she takes the AVNSC Best Puppy, Then goes in to the Working Group Puppy with 10 other amazing working puppies and takes GROUP 3 Working Puppy. I'm over the moon as the day was all about practice and socialisation. Thanks to the Judge and his kind words Mervyn Casling (Meranne) who I had never heard of.

We are loving the extra day light hours and hammering the road bike miles. Charity ride offers coming in monthly. I love cycling 60+ miles in a few hours. These types of dogs should only be with active people and so I will continue on my keeping fit regime to stay as healthy and strong as they are. Find me on Strava as Anna chaos D to see the mileage & GPS routes in my roadie & running training.  We have donated a full set of grooming equipment and a day of our grooming services to the rescue Malamutes (41) that have come into rescue. I knew the breeder from my early showing career, 2002, and would never of expected this. We will be fully de-matting and gently handling these young neglected emotionally and physically damaged Alaskan Malamutes. This contribution is around £260 worth, but I still feel it's not enough. So my next crazy charity challenge this year will be for these poor dogs. I have been to the rescue kennels previously when dropping off a young adolescent last year that needed admitting, the kennels are stunningly clean and with great knowledgeable staff. I look forward to helping them again.

Iceclimb Alaskan malamutes with AMCA titles in North Lincolnshire

My four: left to right.

Denali (09/08/11) -  'Sledog Dream Seeker (ai) To Iceclimb' WTD WPD WTDA & Puppy Foundation, Bronze and Silver obedience (Lead Dog legs x3)

Alpine (01/10/13) -  'Sledog Indian Ocean (ai) To Iceclimb' WTD WTDA with Puppy Foundation and Bronze obedience  **Eyes clear 16/11/16 Hips 3:4**

Kinley (11/03/02) -  'Hyteton Apollokinley' ......  Much loved, never listens to me and no letters, but has summit over 50 UK mountains with me, plenty of CH show placing's 2002-04 ... Awww.. ;) 

Mackenzie (10/10/07) - RBPISS 'Sledog Forest Mist' WLD, WTD, WWPD, WPD WTDA* Stud bk # (& Advanced legs completed in Packing, Lead position)  **Eyes clear 16/11/16 Hips 3:2**

The great thing is, we love the great outdoors and have camped and climbed mountains since 1993. Having dogs that can keep up with me is priceless and they might as well bag a qualification for their efforts.

March 2014 - What a great start to a slightly drier month, puppy Alpine enters a busy Match night at Scunthorpe Canine Association. Stakes first, which is for all ages. She wins over an adult English Toy Terrier. Then Puppy Walk class. Here she beats a beautiful older puppy, a Rottweiler. Then seems the KC have recently changed the puppy walk/puppy rules in the challenge, she can go through to the end and guess what?? She beats the older puppy class winner, the Boston Terrier, taking BEST PUPPY IN MATCH. First 2 rosettes and a fiver for me. Brilliant, she flowed with a loose lead, which is all we set out to do, the rest would be a bonus. Cruft's is around the corner but the Lake District calls us.

We enjoy a quick get away to the Lake District for 3 days for Kinley's Birthday. All four dogs enjoy this break with Denali completing his final 10 miles of back packing. This make him "Sledog Dream Seeker (ai) WTD WPD" very proud. Mackenzie enjoys a fab winter climb of Helvellyn in the snow and the girls enjoy shorter walks in town and eating ice-cream. Whoops...

East of England Championship show have invited me to steward, offer accepted even though it is on a Tour De France stage, now that's commitment!!

February 2014 - "ICECLIMB" Sled dogs is born! We finally have an affix linking all our dogs together except poor Mackenzie. He has a stud book number and is in their published book so he cannot have his changed. Sssh don't tell him, he may not notice. Soon I will have more webspace and the dogs adventures can move over to my www.iceclimb.co.uk site. All adventures from 2001 will be there. Alpine is doing great at obedience and is standing 4 square at show classes. Kinley's health seems stable and so her Birthday (12!) is going to be spent in the Lake District instead of going to Cruft's.

End of January 2014 - We shoot up to Fort William to climb Ben Nevis (our first Winter climb) getting to over 700 metres before an ice axe would be needed. I would of been fine, but there is no way Mackenzie would of slowed down enough for me to hold him back. Denali gets lots of scooter time around the forests and some lovely sea front walks aiding socialisation. Then we drive to Aviemore, North East for 1.5 hours, to play in the snow over there and walk miles in Glenmore Forest. Denali finishes a 10 mile hike 2nd leg of WPD, leaving only one leg of ten before he gains his back packing title. Such a lovely area with the snow covered mountains, white water and isolation. Just what this little travel friendly family love. Alpine travels excellent and fits into the holiday like she's always been with us. Just me and 4 dogs was far easier then anticipated, with each having different needs and exercise requirements, I just have to abandon meal times and work everything around them!

January 2014- Baby Alpine is now enrolled at 3 training clubs, attending 3 times a week. Broughton Dog training in North Lincolnshire for obedience, working on Puppy Foundation award set up by the Kennel Club, Scunthorpe Canine Association on a Monday night for ring craft and also to Trent Toy and all breeds in Scunthorpe for show training. She has settled instantly and feels at ease knowing her job at the time. We have booked her into 5 shows up to May. Denali is now booked on Silver award obedience and being a fun lad playing more then working and Mackenzie still goes to show training on a Tuesday night.  The Greenland Dog Club of the UK have asked me if I would like to take over their Website management. I am delighted to accept and help the club. Boston championship show invited me to steward on the Thursday with 2 different judges and with my good friend Nicola. I think we laughed more then worked, but regardless had a lovely day learning lots of import and other breed information. January is a busy sled dog month. Now do we go to Scotland for a break before our 3rd year of University starts? and before I pass my books of year end onto my accountant? maybe.. just to hide from both!

December 2013 - We travel down to Boston & District Canine Society to sit our 'Hands on Assessment - 50 points of the dog' test. All counts towards my dog show judge career and we pass first time with all 40 correctly identified points and all 10 structural balance angulation connecting points! This goes nicely with my Confirmation and movement certificate gained in 2003.  AND Oh my word, I've done it again.... news to be broadcast on the 23rd! ;)  All is revealed! Baby Alpine has joined the pack! She is a little future show dog and a co-owned partnership between the Sledog kennel and myself. This is an honour to us, to be trusted with such a precious baby.  She is adorable, sweet and gentle. Kinley, Mackenzie and Denali all love her and kiss her little nose. I thought we may have a little bit of jealousy, but nothing. She has fitted in like she has always been with us. All the kids get daily one on one so maybe they all know that they will still have lots of attention. All 3 Christmas days of our holiday we have walked miles and miles over the Viking Way, puppy having socialisation of in and out the van and short walks. She now knows the van and travel is an adventure. Now we are working on sleeping through the whole night (already only wakes up once) lead training in traffic and toileting. The next few weeks will be puppy obedience and show dog training.

November 2013 - At last! Another judging appointment at the Nordic show in Coventry, judging Greenland Dogs. A lovely entry of 6 (a lot in Greenland terms) I thoroughly enjoyed the day despite the terrible M1 of which I had given myself 4 hours to do a 3 hour journey and still struggled. Grand total raised from the Coast to Coast cycle ride was £535. Very happy with this. Half went to St.Lukes school where Elliott attended of which a memorial garden will be built and the other half to Martin House Children's Hospice.

October 2013 - At last we are back in the cool sub 10 degrees weather. All 3 furkids have had a battery shoved up their bums! These dogs need their harnesses and that is exactly what we have been doing. We have open countryside within minutes from our home so early morning and evenings the dogs are running 4 mile minimum on the bike attachment or my scooter. We visit the Scott Polar Research Museum. A great day out of learning of exploration

September 2013 - The month for road cycle events! The annual Jennings River Ride in Cumbria was cancelled last minute, which was a huge shame as we planned to take the dogs over for a quick Lake District short break and mini camping trip. 30 miles on the bike would be a great training run for the following weeks 'Coast to Coast' attempt from Workington to Sunderland, the official route although slightly shorter at 131 miles. I attempted this in aid of my good friends little boy, who passed away last month of Cerebral Palsy. Cycling solo with minimal back up, and had to take Denali for company. He thoroughly enjoyed being walked for hours by my brother whist I had the gruelling task of cycling those hills. I'm pretty sure we have raised over £300 and pleased to say I did complete the full challenge. Phew! what next??

August 2013 - At Scunthorpe Canine Society Open show Mackenzie takes 1st in his post graduate class AVNSC working. After a 3.2 mile run at 5 am I think we have managed to calm his enthusiasm. He has been a dream all day. I tackle a 65 miler on the road bike to see how the legs feel. No problems and in good time.

July 2013- These months are for too hot for this Arctic breed.  So our evenings and very early mornings are used to our advantage and we have been running with them on a loose walky belt for 4 miles around our beautiful countryside. Kenzie and Denali came back from our holidays very fit and this has to be carried on. Which is no problem in this household as we have been joined our local running club and running 12 miles a week anyway. I cannot stress enough how much fun it is to run with the dogs, they love it.  I have put plenty of commands in our running ready to compete in Cani-X events. I'm aiming for 10 miles at the steady malamute pace. My road cycling improves my fitness immensely so a quick 3 flight trip to Geneva (via Heathrow) with my Pro Carbon road bike meant I could cycle Le Alpe d'Huez the evening before Le Tour came through. Thank goodness the car I hired could fit it in, 10/10 to Europcar, even though driving around Geneva is an experience in itself. The 100th race watched in the beautiful French sun could only described as perfect! Still can't believe how close to Froomey and the Sky train I stood - half way up a steep bank so that no-one could block my views! A must for roadies! A big tick on 'the' number one hill to cycle. The whole mountain is covered in millions of people partying all day and night, the buzz is immense - and even better to bump into 2 people from your office half way up. I knew they were there but didn't expect to bump into them. Thanks for your company Mikey & Ash.

June 2013 - Temperatures were mild so we shoot off to the Lake District mountains to sleep wild! Denali pupsters first night in a tent with mum. We are training to become an official mountain leader (sML) so starting the climb at 9.30 pm and hiking through the darkness until pitching camp at 2.30am was all part of the plan of night navigation by head torch. A very enjoyable weekend with our friend Chris, teaching him the ropes of map reading, route planning and observational skills. Denali came to learn his mountain skills and footwork. (so far, so good) Leg one of WPD completed.

Front: Mackenzie (RBPISS Sledog Forest Mist, WWPD, WPD, WLD, WTD & Stud book#)

Wheel: (R) Minx (Hyteton Harvest Festival at Sledog, WPD, WTD)

Wheel: (L) Denali (Sledog Dream Seeker, WTD)

April 2013- We are all home and exhausted from our dream trip under the Northern Lights and a trip over the Arctic Circle up to (Lapland) Abisko. We adored our foster dog, and can not thank Nicola and Stuart of 'Sledog' Alaskan Malamutes & Greenland dogs for loaning her to us. The boys loved her, and together 'Minx' gained her Team dog title for working as a valued and happy go lucky team dog, earning every scrap of it. The boys have done me proud also and Kenzie earned his Lead dog title.  All 3 completed an Advance leg in Team Dog, Kenzie in Lead. Mackenzie is now time out from titles and has done enough for now. I sled these dogs over the mountains and wilderness, unaided and single-handed for over 75 miles in windchills of -12. That's quite an achievement for a single female. Now I have had this amazing achievement of running a team of mixed dogs from different homes over their true environment, its put a small dampner on the 3 miles of sled dog racing we have in the UK!  We volunteer to help at the Fellsman competition which is Fell running through the night and they need two people to sit on a hill and tick off numbers all night. John and I have a great laugh all night and I have all the dogs too. Any excuse to be in a tent on a mountain!

March 2013- We miss Crufts this year, even though Mackenzie is qualified for life. We are too busy packing and sorting the dogs for Sweden. End of March and we're away on the ferry to Sweden.

February 2013- The boys finally complete their Team Dog title with two more 10 mile runs in the forest. Excellent! We just need a third dog if we want any Lead Dog titles.

January 2013 - What a great way to start this years training by having a shot in the forest at a different title "Team Dog" which is gained after 4 sets of a minimum of 10 miles working with at least 2 Alaskan Malamutes, pulling their 3 wheeled rig with me as musher and treat giver!  The boys do me so proud with 20 miles on consecutive days in a freezing forest, working together in harmony. Tears filled my eyes as we cross the line, seeing how happy my boys were with what seemed effortless team work. I never thought I would run a team so easily without barely commanding them, how lucky I am to own this dream team! All those early frosty morning and late evening training sessions and being exhausted from work are paying off. That's half of WTD (Working Team Dog) Well done lads! You've earned your holiday in March.  Both boys are now pet passported.

December 2012 - This has to be the best month to date! We are now the proud owner of a top spec Bewe dog sled now in the UK. Its mint! Brand new and sat in my house to be starred at and polished daily ;)  This is a professional freight sled and will be perfect for our foreign travels.

Alaskan malamute weight pull  2 dog malamute training


End of Nov 2012- Wayhey! Mackenzie does it! 4th ever pull and he gets his  WWP title! 1900 lb and comes first in his class of 11 dogs. The new boy takes over ;) He is now called 'Sledog Forest Mist WPD WWPD' (Working Weight Pull Dog) subject to AMCA confirmation. Denali pulls all the way in Novice class to the maximum 1000 lb.  And finally after ten years I put my own two malamutes together and have a team instead of borrowing all the time, well, I still will as I'm now wanting 3 dogs for France next September when I scale Mt Blanc and come down to a weeks dog sledding with the furkids, maybe.

November 2012 Denali has his first go at weight pull in Novice and pulls an amazing 900 lb! Not bad for a first attempt and for the baby. Mackenzie does me proud as usual for his 3rd ever weight pull and again gets a 3rd leg towards WWP title. Clever boy, one more left then its time to work on team dog awards, as working on a team on a racing rig is his speciality.

October 2012 - A big life changing decision has been made. My contract with Royal Mail has been reduced by personal choice to give us more time to dog groom in Barrow Upon Humber, and so far has given me double the old time with the dogs. They are now run in the early morning and evening at least twice a week up to 6 miles, being at home more is priceless and not many would take this gamble, but feel it has paid off already and welcome all my new customers growing weekly!

September 2012 - Jennings River ride of 50 miles completed in the cold and rain in Cumbria. Nightmare of a day driving all that way and back with the ride in the middle. NEVER again in a day.

August 2012 - Time for another cycle challenge. 39 miles with the large firm Conoco all to help others. Completed in good time.

July 2012 -We rest our dogs in the warm months for minimal training. It has to be around 10 degrees or below to get the best out of your sled dogs, they are an Arctic breed after all. So these are the months I jet off to the Peak District every weekend to hit the water in the kayak and grit stone rock and quarries for climbing.

All 3 furkids together. Mackenzie & Kinley with pup below Denali.

June 2012  Due to the dog grooming business going full steam ahead I thought it was time I treated the furkids to a little back packing trip. Mackenzie enjoys over 16 hours of packing over 2 days, covering 30 miles and a wild wilderness mountain camp. Our first leg of Advance Back Packing Phew! Exhausting stuff and now is under way for his next set of letters after his name. Only 50 more miles to do and he will have the Advanced American title in Advanced Working Packing to go with the letters and stud book number he already has. Hopefully we'll attend 2 more weight pull events and finish off his weight pull title too shortly.

May 2012  Denali gains his Bronze obedience award at the Alaskan Malamute UK speciality show! At last we have cracked it, what a bright pup.

April 2012 - We obtain our BMC FUNdamentals of Rock Climbing Certificate Level 2

March 2012 Denali enters Dog of the year qualifier at Trent Toy & all breeds ring craft and wins! He can go into the challenge later in the year

February 2012 Denali takes part in match night at our local club for show training, qualifying for 'Dog of the Year' beating 1 adult dog and a puppy after skipping puppy of the year.. WOW. Then goes in puppy class beating 7 other puppies then takes 'Best Puppy in Match'. 2 rosettes and a trophy, excellent little pupster. We obtain our BMC FUNdamentals of Rock Climbing Certificate Level 1.  We are invited to Judge at Newark Dog Club courtesy of Jill and Jim Broadberry, judging Alaskan Malamutes and Greenland Dogs, great day with lovely dogs.

January 2012 We did extremely well in the Highlands of Scotland in Arden Grange sponsored Siberian Husky Club of GB sled dog rally. Coming 8th out of 21 strong teams! We have beaten all our previous run times, and are truly overwhelmed. We cannot thank Nicola and Stuart of the 'sledog' kennel for breeding our two youngest Alaskan Malamutes and for loaning 'Sofi' the prettiest most hardworking, determined Greenland Dog I have ever had the pleasure to run. Greenland Dogs have not been used in competition here for 8 years, and Sofi was the only one here this year. So we've made a little bit of an impact on what these dogs are capable of. We then shot down to the Lake District to climb 'Dodd' as a treat for their hard work. Having Sofi travel with us for a week was an absolute pleasure and with all our dogs being socialised well with other dogs over the last 9 years, it was like she had always been involved in our pack. All sled dogs NEED this interaction with a lot of time and commitment, especially if you are interested in competing. You get what you put in, back on the trail and in your home. They are not easy. They are a life choice. Every picture you see on this site has taken hours of repetitive training and hard work to achieve.

Malamute and Greenland power

Early January 2012- Denali pupster gains his first obedience award. He has only attended 3 weeks out of an 8 week course, however, he still did everything asked for in his assessment. So he has a rosette from winning best puppy walk in show training at Scunthorpe Trent Dog Club and a puppy foundation obedience certificate from Broughton Dog Training Club. What a pup!!

December 2011- Mackenzie has a second go at weight pull, organised by the Alaskan Malamute Club of UK. Again he equals his last pull weight of 1400 lb, meaning he now has 2 legs towards another title. Only 2 more to do and he can have more letters after his name.

October 2011- We have a new office dog! Little baby Denali our 3rd Alaskan Malamute. He is from good strong working lines from the UK Sledog kennel, through an artificial insemination from the Mountain Home kennel in America. His mum (Mackenzie's sister) is already a working pack dog. We have great hopes for a committed strong team member with good show prospects. Training has commenced for this seasons sled dog rallies and also Mackenzie's training for weight pull.  Annual Conoco 39 mile charity cycle challenge completed. Kinley our old girl, nearly 10, has the all clear from the vets after her recent operation to remove a cancerous tumour in her adrenaline gland, meaning she had the rare form of canine cushing's disease:- At this point we can thank Mackenzie for helping to diagnose the problem, which I cannot stress should not be over looked. He tried to mount her obsessively even though she is neutered and would become a frenzied state licking her urine.

Adrenal-based Hyperadrenocorticism: An adrenal tumour responsible for secreting too much cortisol. 50% of these are benign (adenomas), and 50% are malignant (adenocarcinomas) and are inclined to spread to the lungs and liver. Again, the interplay between pituitary and adrenal messages is lost, and the tumour keeps secreting too much cortisol irrespective of what the brain is telling it. 15% of Cushing's cases are adrenal-based. In these dogs, one adrenal gland tends to be extremely enlarged (due to the tumour and the overproduction of cortisol that goes with it), and the other tends to be extremely small (to try to compensate for the overactive larger one). Her symptoms were: loss of guard hair, bald patches, dark skin patches, excessive thirst (polydipsia), extreme appetite, unable to hold her urine, hair growth had stopped, pot bellied, loss of muscle on her rear end, looking 'cow hocked' and existing coat turning red. The following tests were carried out: ATCH and Stim testing, bloods and urine. ALL showing healthy results. It was only that Mackenzie insisted on mounting her and obsessive licking of her urine that showed an internal hormone fault. The Adrenealine gland tumours can secrete 23 different hormones NOT detectable by tests. Only on opening her up (after a healthy ultra scan) the tumour was found. This tumour has been removed and after plenty of TLC and a 7" and 5" scar she is recovering well. She's back on anti-biotic at the moment due to a allergic reaction to the internal stitches (that were under the staples) so these have been removed also.

We also Judge at Newark Dog Club match night thanks to the invite from Jim and Jill Broadberry. Lovely entry and great dogs.

September 2011- Mackenzie gains a 1st at Birmingham Championship Dog Show in Limit. Thank you Jim Broadberry, he is now qualified for Crufts for life, and has a stud book number.  We take part in the Jennings River Ride in Cumbria and complete a gruelling 85 miles of cycling over the 3 main passes and in between, back to Keswick. Ouch but fun in the sun with friends Ian and Aimee helping with cheerleader and logistics.

August 2011 - Action Medical Research charity York cycle sportive of 100 km. We try York thinking its flat. Ouch the hills are immense!

June 2011 -Mackenzie finishes his last leg of his Working Pack Dog qualification and is catching us up with his certificates of achievements. His final leg involved a 6 mile hike over the Lake District mountains, a camp over night, then a return trip down in the rain. Well done lad! We also took advantage of the stunning scenery and bagged 11 Wainwrights too. These dogs love the outside adventure and can happily hike for miles. He is now "Sledog Forest Mist WPD".

May 2011 - Lincsquad Cyclo sportive 100 km or 100 miles. I go for the less, that's still 65 miles. My first Sportive on my Pro Carbon. Brilliant!! I'm sold, they are the future.  Mackenzie walks around the hills with his backpack on in the rain courtesy of Ian and Aimee in Cumbria, and gains WPD leg 2

April 2011 - Mackenzie gains a stunning best of breed rosette being shown in Newark at an open dog show and has had a fantastic couple of days back packing in the Lake District. Going over the 'High street' summit, he gained his first leg of his back packing title. Well done to all dogs that have achieved this! Its far from easy carrying 3 days and 2 nights of equipment between you and your dog!

March 2011 - We pass our In house rock climbing instructor certificate at the Indoor climbing wall in Hull. Rock City employ us as and when required for beginners and children. I'm also policed checked with certificate.

January 2011 - Were back from the isolated Cairngorm mountains, in the Scottish Highlands, after competing in the Arden Grange Siberian Husky club of Great Britain's working rally. Our second year racing the dogs up there. Mackenzie worked his heart out over the 4 miles with his little malamute friend 'Nickle' from the Snobruk kennel and Sue her owner. We came 8th out of 13 teams and raced on the dry land rigs not dog sleds like January 2011.  Now we will be working towards our back packing titles to show his true ability on the hills, he loves to walk for hours on end, so I'm sure he will have the first leg plus some, by the end of the year.

September 2010 - Mackenzie: 18/09/10 Darlington Championship dog show 2nd in Post Graduate Dog class (2/11) Under Mrs Erna-Britt Nordin (Sweden). Then goes back into the challenge!

May 2010 - Mackenzie takes Best of Breed at Cleethorpes Open Show

March 2010 - Mackenzie enters his second rally - Sherwood Forest by BSHRA, my sled dog team then came 2nd out of 8 teams on dry land rig

January 2010 - Mackenzie enters his first rally - Arden Range Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain dog sled rally in Aviemore 2010, 9th out of 17 teams.  Not bad for a first ever competition, and first run on the snow! Running with 'Amber' from the Snobruk Alaskan Malamute kennel, thanks to Jane and Craig for my little pocket rocket. Boy she moves!! Our new friends from Sweden Marit pop over for tea and chat at our home to meet Mackenzie. They spoil him and bring him toys. Marit has similar lines to us so there is always plenty to talk about.

Here's the office dogs, who keep us very occupied at all times.

Alaskan malamute office dogs  Aviemore dog sled rally 2010  Scafell top

Chilling at home Kinley (aged 8) and Mackenzie. Then Mackenzie competing in a dog sled rally in Aviemore 2010, Last photo both my A

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