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Our Huge new range of dog harnesses for 2014...UNDER construction thanks .....

Neoprene walking dog harness strong husky or malamute Nordic dog walking harness sled dog and husky

Neoprene padded harness

Experience Nordic walking harness

vis vest high visablity coat for dog 2008 H style dog walking harness 2032

High Visability dog vest

H-style walking harness

Premium strain dog harness 2043 on the trek dog harness

Premium strain relief harness

On the trek world map harness

norwegian walking dog harness Softline dog harness 1165

Norwegian walking harness

Softline gentle harness

Norweign reflective dog harness 20621 touring harness fusion 20610

Norwegian reflective fusion harness

Touring X back fusion harness

Dog power harness julius k9 1504 reflective orange dog harness high viz

Julius K9 power harness

High visabilty lockable harness

Neoprene dog walking harness 1045  

Experience touring harness




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