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Silicone travel bowls

foldaway silicone dog bowl for camping and hiking callapsible dog bowl made of silicone for camping and hiking


  • made of hard-wearing silicone

  • collapsible

New in- All sizes back in stock - The ultimate red travel bowl! Ideal for dog back packing and tried and tested on the UK mountains this April. Lightweight, compact, dish washer safe and does not absorb odours. Available in 3 sizes - 0.5, 1.0 and 2 litre and very safe to use in a crate should they lie down as it is so soft, just like rubber. It has a hole at either end to attach to the dogs back pack or your own, and is so easy to carry, just pop it inside and outside itself. I found it very easy and less fussy then those fabric bags, that still hold a little water, this silicone bowl just needs a shake then pop it flat, making it 10/10 to put in the dogs own little back pack! We find the holes on the rim usefull to slip a climbing carrabiner through then attach on the outside too.

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