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NEW in stock: BUT selling fast and only a couple of lengths left!!!

Sled dog husky gang lines and snub lines. The official strong cable for all sled dog activities. Light weight and rot proof.

We have some sled dog lines that are used for connecting the dogs to the sled/scooter/rig. Imported the USA and ready to make into the ganglines you want. 

From experience we know we all like different lengths, so why not make them up yourself?

All sold in 30ft  lengths. (roughly 9.5metres) each available in 3 colour choices.

Snubline: 3/8 in width (10 mm) : Blue or Red or Blue/white  £25.00 (Essential in competing with sled dogs as you need this for emergency rig holding.)



Gangline: 1/8 in width (8 mm): Blue or Red or Blue/black 30ft  £ 21.00 (To make your own sections of one/two/three/four dog lines.)



We will hopefully be stocking a padded walking belt ideal for hands free walking, running with your dog, lead training, training sled dogs, and perfect for back packing on the hills to keep your hands free for scrambling.  They will be made to order for now and will be far cheaper then cani-x at £91 or other sled dog sites at £44. Hopefully we will have them for roughly £30. If you are interested, please email me so I can test the market and see if they will be popular.

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