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Travel boxes / Airline crates

Vari kennel dog travel box


Classic Vari kennels IATA approved by most airline companies. (please check before ordering).  Stable and secure metal door.  There are ventilation slits and mesh for ideal air circulation and a fab accessory in the van or car. Perfect for long journeys.

We have 4 vari kennels on offer, each one slightly different.

Kennel IV -RRP £92

With a handle and 2 dishes for pets up to 13kg. Net weight 4.5kg. 52x55x71cm - Beige/dark blue

Kennel V - RRP £125

With 2 dishes for pets up to 22kg. Net weight 7.3kg. 57x61x81cm - Beige/black

Kennel VI - RRP £160

With 2 dishes for pets up to 31kg. Net weight 8.6kg. 64x69x91cm - Beige/wine red

Kennel VII - RRP £205

With 2 dishes for pets up to 40kg. Net weight 14kg. 69x76x102cm - Beige/grey


**Not available at the moment due to shipping costs**

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