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Tie out cables, 3 lengths, 2 styles

Tie out cable with shock spring



An extra dog? Or need a longer cable? Another great tie out cable with the absorbing spring without the spike. Available again in 5 metres or for extra length, 8 metres. Has a hook on either side to either feed back on itself ie round a tree or metal post or directly to the stake out post. The other simply attaches to the dogs collar. The spring absorbs any pulling or setting off.

The 15m cable is for dogs up to 45 kg and comes with a separate aerial trolley with pulley (3m) so you can attach your dog to a tree or building.  The cable is plastic coated to prevent corrosion and easy to clean.  An essential in our holiday doggie bag, so convenient when setting up camp. This one is slightly different as not only is it longer the pulley system means the dog has more freedom between two stationery objects.  Very long lasting and will happily admit I still use the very first 8m one I bought in 2003. I'm not giving any guarantee's, but I'm happy to suggest this item as an essential holiday need!

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